We are looking back to the successful launch in 2017, but also to an adventurous journey through the untapped world of an entirely new developing industry. Although the market environment for cryptocurrencies begins to strengthen, there is still a long way to go before we can speak about a mature market.

Related to this, we are particularly pleased that our market assessments were correct in most aspects. Due to our somewhat defensive attitude, we were able to avert great damage to the still young V-Coins community and set the course for successful future development in the background.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the status of the current development of V-Coins and future measures.

Short term:

  • In the coming weeks, the conversion to the new Blockchain will take place. Integrating further options (e.g., multicurrency functions) will be possible. Likewise, the transition makes a significant contribution to the security and scalability of the system. Already here, we point out that during the conversion process, for a period of about four days, no system access will be possible. In due time’s course, we will inform you about the precise date.
  • During this process, the currency code of today “VCS” will be changed to “VCG” (V-Coins Global).
  • All login data and wallet values will be taken over.

Also, the implementation of the following steps is planned for the next six months:

  • The licensing of VCG as a cryptocurrency in a European country will allow us to operate accordingly and initiate active marketing for user acquisition
  • In the context of licensing, the listing on appropriate platforms, such as. coinmarketcap.com will also be done.
  • In addition to the licensing, the domicile will change from V-Coins Global to a European country to comply with the EU license. It does not only ensure a presence in the core markets but also makes an essential contribution to the legal stability of the system. Further, this step should greatly facilitate the connection to the banking system, and it will majorly simplify the deposit and withdrawal processes.
  • Another step is the licensing of a proprietary trading platform (PegaTrader) within the same jurisdiction as VCG. Thus, we will create the basis for the implementation of the multi-currency function (Fiat/crypto) to our own platform. VCG will be the fundamental currency of the platform.
  • Depending on the market development, the listing on further international trading platforms will be considered.
  • Further we will expand our relation to one of the largest webdirectories and will implement there VCG as a loyalty coin. This will enhance the acceptance of VCG as means of payment for the daily use.

The step-by-step implementation of these measures will increase trading revenues and thus the liquidity of the trading platform. Likewise, the connection of various payment providers will be possible and, last but not least, the expansion efforts for the development of new markets will strengthen.

We will gladly inform you about specific dates and the implementation of further steps and will be pleased if you continue to accompany us in the V-Coins success story.

We thank you for your trust and patience and we are looking forward to a bright future for VCG.

Jörg Haupt
International sales director

V-Coins is operated by:
V-Coins Global
1201 Orange Street, Suite 600
Wilmington Delaware 19801