Ladies and Gentlemen

On 15.11.2017 we launched our successful V-Coins ICO in Europe. In December and January, we made use of the extension option and continued to offer to the interested users preferential rates.

Currently we are in close negotiations with government representatives of various countries for concrete co-operations. This results in adjustments to our strategy. Thus, it also applies to the current ICO, which will end by today at 23:55 CET.

Of course, purchases of V-Coins can, as before, be carried out via our trading platform Pegatrader.

As you’ve certainly noticed, the turmoil in the cryptocurrency markets has passed V-Coins without a trace. V-Coins is developing positively, that speaks for our concept. You may look forward to the further development!

V-Coins Global

Jörg Haupt
Int. Sales Director


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