During the past few months, 24worldmarket has developed a completely new internet marketplace with extraordinary features. It is a unique world of experience that will bring people together and help consumers find places they would like to be.

The purpose of this platform is not to promote online business and provide web shops but the opposite.

24worldmarket has an entirely new approach towards online business!

Inform online – Shop offline

24worldmarket wants to bring back some of the lost turnovers to the roads of the cities where they belong. Small business extinction will continue if we do not counteract the crisis.

24worldmarket fights against this tendency because they believe that the interaction among people is one of the most important things to keep a human culture alive. Based in Switzerland, 24worldmarket does not care only about shops but also about touristic hotspots and cultural events. Therefore, the platform promotes shops, landmarks, historic sites, touristic attraction, outdoor activities, and cultural centres such as theatres, museums, churches, libraries, galleries, etc. Because culture is not the only beauty and knowledge, 24worldmarket also promotes restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc.

The entire setup up is made to bring people together and help tourists better and more efficient planning their trips. All our users profit from the database updated by locals for locals and guests.

As 24worldmarket is developing its payment tool as well, V-Coins decided to contact 24worldmarket and do its utmost to have the points of acceptance for V-Coins listed on the platform. Such an engagement of V-Coins should encourage our users to start using V-Coins daily as they do with their common currency already.

Please be aware that the partnership includes only the payment tools which are under development and the promotion.

Find more about the idea behind 24worldmarket

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