Update Pegatrader and Wallet – the following features have been integrated:

  • Currency conversion between EUR and US Dollars via settings in the wallet. Pegatrader shows either US $ or €. Actual currency conversions are updated every 15 minutes. The base currency remains the EUR.
  • Implemented a new “Last Trades” feature to show the latest trading volume for the V-Coins user. This is a live feature, which is immediately apparent after each trade.
  • Clean up some graphical design and internal processes
  • Automatic deletion of offers 30 days after adjustment on Pegatrader with accompanying email notification.
  • Automatic email notification upon registration
  • Optimizing .htaccess for performance
  • Optimization of the server structure
  • Payeer deposits via both EUR and USD possible and booking via API directly.
  • Adaptation of some translation mistakes German – English
  • Integration of some administration tools for Pegatrader and V-Coins Wallet
  • Check HTML errors and javascript errors with correct error messages

For the US market it was essential to allow the choice of the currency US$. Therefore we had to delete all existing sales offers for the conversion possibility. Thank you for your understanding.

The following changes and uploads are in progress for future uploads:

Pegatrader / Wallet:

  • Trading – Display of the 10 lowest prices with one button to show more / all for a better overview
  • Integration of additional automatic e-mail processes for various actions
  • Ticketing creation to support users
  • New design of Pegatrader and Wallet
  • Direct payment of credit cards via API
  • Print bank statement for internal or tax purposes
  • App for Android and I-Phone
  • Pay directly via smartphone for partner payments
  • E-mail notification of any payment made or received

If you have questions or discover bugs in the latest version, please send an email to admin@v-coins.global
We thank you for your patience and your trust. It is our ambition to continuously optimize the V-Coins software and to integrate new possibilities to simplify the use of V-Coins as much as possible.

The V-Coins Software Team

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