We just uploaded the newest version of V-Coins Wallet last Friday and the following glitches and new features were taken care of:

  • Rationalization of registration form including verification
  • Change of password option in settings
  • Statistics – automatic renewal for last 7 and 30 days and since inception
  • Integration of Payeer as payment processor (credit card payments, bank transfer, bitcoin payment, Western Union, Money Gram, ADV-Cash, etc.)
  • Change of various glitches and language errors
  • Sending option with “copy to clipboard” set
  • Additional feature to revert pending transfers
  • Modify and refactor history_send and history_receive to use one template each, and to display the transfer description.
  • Check for HTML errors and javascript errors on each page with correct error messages
  • Upload of verification documents in settings possible in all formats (jpg, pdf, png)
  • Partners sites removed to 24worldmarket.com with direct link
  • Integration of banners in various sizes for affiliates
  • New set-up for administration and compliance in backend
  • Integration of new security features to avoid intrusion of hackers

We apologize for the few downtimes in November and December and we are glad to announce that our system is as safe as it can be. Various attempts of intruders were successfully defeated and the data of our users were never at any risk.


Following changes and uploads to come in the next cycle:


  • Multi-Currency possibility with updating the lead currency € every 15 minutes to the chosen currency
  • Trading – show 10 lowest price trades by default with a button to show more/all for a better overview
  • Expiration of trades after 30 days – with email notification
  • Optimization of .htaccess for performance
  • Integration of automatic email processes for various actions
  • Ticketing creation for support of users
  • New design


V-Coins Wallet:

  • Additional pay-in features
  • Acceptance of all credit card payments
  • Pay-direct via smartphone to partners with QRC
  • Account statement print
  • Statement for tax purposes to print
  • Email notification of each payment executed or received
  • App for Android und I-Phone

With the next update Pegatrader will be reset in all functions and the update will take about 30 minutes of down time.

These updates will be uploaded within the next 30 days.

If you have any question, please send an email to admin@v-coins.global

We thank you for your patience and trustfulness.

The V-Coins Team

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