Dear V-Coins User

Unfortunately, hackers tried again to get into our system.

Fortunately, they failed again.

Obviously, we are interesting enough to be attacked.

Due to the fact that we are working with the centralized private blockchain the attacks cannot be successful and it is impossible for external to steal your coins from our platform.

To ensure, that the attack does not harm any of our data or your wallet we were forced to shut the entire system down and to reboot all servers.

As you know our blockchain is placed on 6 different servers around the world in all different time zones. To reboot these servers takes a bit of time. We started on Sunday with the reboot and within the next 24 hours the entire system will be online again.

It might be, that your password has been cancelled. That was caused by shutting down the system and not by the attack. If that is the case you have to go to and click on the ‘forgot your password’ button which we integrated to enable you to renew your password. Please make sure that you use a save and strong password.

Acting under the premise of ‘safety first’ we can assure you that the data as well as the coins have never been in danger.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards

Jörg Haupt
International sales director

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V-Coins Global
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