V-Coins - our vision and attributes

«We seek to build a global community of at least 100 million people using V-Coins as an alternative currency.»

1. Security, trust, and transparency

The V-Coins system is designed to meet the needs of its community. The focus is on security aspects relating to the protection of personal data and the protection of the coin balance. Conformity with regulatory requirements of the respective financial supervisory authorities, as well as protection against money laundering, is also an essential concern for us.

Through open communication and the disclosure of system-relevant information, we ensure maximum transparency. It creates a basis for a trustful relationship with the V-Coins users.

2. Intrinsic value by value deposits

An essential element of V-Coins is the real value deposit. While the traditional monetary system relies solely on trust in the system, the concept of V-Coins is based on the creation of intrinsic value. For all sales of V-Coins, which are made directly by V-Coins (from mint-account), 80% of the respective sales price is deposited in the Value Basket. Real values such as precious metals (gold, silver) and hard currencies, such as USD, EUR, and CHF, are held and actively managed as a physical value deposit of V-Coins.

3. Protection against inflation through stable performance

Because the number of V-Coins is limited to a maximum number of 2.5 billion VCS and the issue of V-Coins is subject to strict guidelines, uncontrolled monetary expansion is impossible. Unlike in the current financial system, where the money supply has been massively expanding for years and is causing inflationary developments in the capital markets.

By applying a unique algorithm that responds to sudden market events (such as the sale of a large number of VCS), the volatility of the market price can be limited. It also serves the protection of V-Coins users.

Besides, the active management of the Value Basket is intended to achieve the development of the intrinsic value of V-Coins.

In summary, the three elements have a positive impact on a stable performance of V-Coins, which is particularly important if the local currency is subject to inflationary development.

4. Free peer-to-peer transactions – 24/7

Within the V-coins system, transactions can be carried out free of charge at any time – 24/7. So, you can always send VCs to other people, no matter where they are at the moment. The payments of your purchases can also be made immediately and free of charge at our acceptance points. The promptness of V-Coins system saves both your money and time.

Deposits to your account are free of charge, too. Only if you have money transferred back to the Fiat money system (i.e., back to your bank account), there will be a one-time fee of 6%. Compared to a currency transaction from, e.g., EUR to USD and back in EUR, they are more cost-effective in the V-Coins system.

5. Means of payment for daily needs

Currently, there are approximately 250 acceptance points throughout the world where you can pay with V-Coins. As part of the cooperation with 24WorldMarket (a global platform for retailers, service providers, the hotel industry, gastronomy, events, and tourist attractions), the common acceptance points are linked.

As a result, V-Coins is continuously becoming one of the means of payment for our daily needs, which also represents an essential criterion of a currency.

6. Global Presence

Currently, V-Coins is present in 20 countries, with a growing tendency. To ensure the global distribution of V-Coins, we have developed a particular licensing system. In cooperation with business partners networked in a country, the connection of users and acceptance points takes place. It enables market-specific marketing strategies with a high degree of efficiency.

7. Personal support features

The dynamics of the still young market of cryptocurrencies confronts users and potential users more often with different questions, which may also lead to uncertainties. To meet their requirements, we have installed support teams for the various regions, thus providing personal contact with our V-Coins community.