Our actual monetary system

A look at our current financial system perceives that we are dealing with a bloated system. Thus, it is very likely that we will face a fundamental financial market crisis in the foreseeable future. Our monetary policy plays a central role in this issue. We firmly believe that it is time to act!

The existing monetary system is in its essence a debt system. Interest and compound interest rates, as well as the monetary policy of the national banks, are leading to a massive increase in the amount of money. The financial system is based solely on trust, since a real deposit of value exists hardly or only to a small fraction. Over 90% of the world’s money supply is bank money created from nothing by loans. Investments by banks are made primarily on the international financial markets and not in the real economy.

The abolition of cash appears not only being realistic but is already in motion. More and more people are losing their confidence in the banks and are worried about their financial security. It is also noteworthy that 2.46 billion people worldwide have no access to the financial system. These are just a few facets of the monetary and fiscal policy.