Ludwig Morasch was born on 4th November 1952 in Gmunden, Austria. He studied economics at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. In 1979 Ludwig founded ‘Morasch Unternehmens-und Trendberatung’ (Morasch business and trend consultancy). He established several companies and developed many concepts in the areas of tourism, shopping malls, and recreation centres. Ludwig is a co-author of several books such as “Musicals and Urban Entertainment Concepts,” “Cathedrals of the Leisure Society,” “Event Marketing” and many more. He also published more than 800 articles in different newspapers such as Tages Anzeiger Zürich, Salzburger Nachrichten, and Industrie Magazin.

The press in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the USA, where he lived for 22 years, highly esteems Ludwig as a trend visionary being always among the first to find a new direction. He is also very often called “the subtle trend visionary” who explicitly says what he thinks and what he is.

Ludwig is also a very talented and passionate painter with international attention, being known as “El Mora.” Today, his work is his hobby!


“Mag. Ludwig Morasch”