Born and raised in Bremen (DE). After 25 years in Switzerland, Jörg spends most of the time in Uganda with his family.

Based on his commercial training, Jörg has early made himself self-employed and built up a competent sales team. Later, there was a chance to go abroad and implement a new service in the Swiss market. Jörg has managed to build up a competent organisation with an annual turnover of CHF 600 million. Further, he has involved himself in various international sales projects and built up his own company.

His commitment to V-Coins is based on his firm belief that we are on the brink of a fundamental change in the field of money, where digitisation plays a central role. Furthermore, he engaged himself in the construction and development of V-Coins from the outset.

«For me, V-Coins is a conclusive concept that combines aspects of the traditional monetary system with the aspects of modern encryption and Blockchain technology.»

“Jörg Haupt”