Is a Hungarian born Swedish entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience within business advisory and consulting.

In the beginning of his carrier, Gustaf was a sales consultant for Interfond – a Swedish privately owned Mutual Fund – where he obtained extensive education and experience within the Investment – Banking – Insurance, Marketing and Legal – fields. His successful selling resulted that he advanced to Divisional Manager of Interfond.

After leaving Interfond he joined the entertainment business, focused on raising sponsorship funds for the Swedish charities and sporting communities.

Simultaneously Gustaf developed his international business advising and consulting business, starting in Scandinavia and the UK, gradually expending to other European countries. He spent a few years with property developing in Canada and US. He actively participated in several partnerships within property development, and business liaisons in these areas.

Gustaf lived in several countries learning the local way of doing business to be able to advise responsibly. The business areas included import and export for the respective niche markets.

Gustaf sponsored and advised SME businesses within property, construction, machine tooling etc, for start up and to run in the different regions.

Just before and after the Millennium ca 10 years he invested in properties mainly in the central London area.

2008 he founded the Scandinavian Arabic Chamber of Commerce to take advantage his extensive network to promote Scandinavian businesses within the Middle East and North Africa, MENA area. As the Chairman Gustaf actively participate to develop high level international relationships between Scandinavia end the MENA area.

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“Gustaf Grof”