Create alternatives and benefit from the change

A financial system with significant potential for crisis and the transformation of our monetary policy are two crucial aspects for the creation of V-Coins as an alternative, global, cryptic interest-free currency. Also, in the newly created market environment of cryptocurrencies from 2009, there are hardly any solutions that meet the requirements for the functionality of a real alternative currency as a means of payment.

When the first cryptocurrency was created in 2009 with the launch of Bitcoin, hardly anyone was aware of the implications of this new development. Today, it faces a clear growth trend, but the market must be differentiated. Currently, there are around 1’000 coins, which define themselves as currency but are structured differently. There are also approximately 3,000 coins related to a Blockchain technology programme or other digital business models.

With V-Coins, we are positioning ourselves in a currency concept with a sustainable market development strategy. That makes the difference. With our idea, we appeal to people who recognise the opportunities of a cryptocurrency but still claim classical aspects of a currency and marketing strategy.