Born in 1974 in Thies/Senegal, studied at various universities all over the world. He reached a master’s degree in Master 2 for Economic Geography and Research for Development at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany, a Magister Artium (M.A.) Master 2 for Modern History and a Master 2 for English.

After the studies, he worked as a scientific assistant and lecturer at the University of Düsseldorf/Germany.

His first challenge (02.2000 – 08.2012) in the private sector was with the Pecher group, where he fulfilled different positions, such as GIS Expert: Geographical Information Systems for Engineering, Geo-informatician, and Director for Africa, Middle East & France.

Ababacar Seck left Pecher to join BERENBERG BANK (SCHWEIZ) AG, (Switzerland), Zürich as Vice President & Director Africa (09.2012 – 11.2014). His next professional challenge led him to Luxemburg, where he was the CEO of REA INVEST LUXEMBOURG SA.

Since 2014, Ababacar has been running his own companies in Europe and Africa. These companies focus on developing and distributing machinery and equipment to the African continent, to store and protect food and minimize the wasting of it.

Ababacar speaks six languages and is a passionate Scrabble player. He even joined the National Team of Senegal to play World and Africa Cup. In Germany, he was president of several African clubs that support the diaspora in Germany and the countries in Africa.

Thanks to his extensive knowledge in finance, managing, and development, Ababacar Seck is the perfect ambassador for V-Coins to spread the idea of the future currency on the African continent.


“Ababacar Seck”