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Latest Update 19.04.2018

Real value deposit creates security and stability

With each purchase of V-Coins, 80% of the acquisition price is invested in real values (precious metals) and hard currencies (CHF, USD, EUR). The refined algorithm prevents drastic price fluctuations, thus making V-Coins one of the most stable and secure digital currencies in the world.

Simplicity and direct support

After logging onto the platform and completing the verification process, deposits can be made immediately. Through the app, you can trade V-Coins, as well as purchase all kinds of things at our partners’. The support team is available for any further questions.

Always have access to your money

Are you in need of Euros or any other currency of your choice? Within a few days, you will have the equivalent amount, in the currency of your choice, transferred to your private bank account. Withdrawals can be performed anytime and from anywhere.

Free of charge

All operations, such as registration, deposits, and payment transactions on the V-Coins platform are free of charge. Services or products can also be purchased via our trading platform without any fees. A charge of 6% is payable only for pay-outs.

Developed by experts

A team of international specialists in the fields of IT, banking, and law, created this unique hybrid crypto-currency which took several years of development and has now set itself the goal to spread this vision globally.

Maximum transparency

Maximum transparency creates maximum trust. If you may need any information about the further development, as well as all legally relevant documents and regulations about the V-Coins platform, please feel free to visit the V-Coins homepage.

Price development

Our story & vision

Mr. Joeknox Reed has been active in various fields of industry and finance for over 30 years. He has launched and completed many projects successfully and worldwide. The fact that money transfers between individuals and businesses were sometimes inconvenient, both tedious and pricey, bothered him so much that he started searching for another solution. Unfortunately, there were no alternative options at the time. He saw the first real alternative in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, but with the problem that these were exposed to considerable volatility and had no intrinsic value. During his business activities in Europe, Mr. Reed met Mr. Keith Bigsby. Soon afterward, they realized they shared the same attitude and values regarding an alternative currency, and concluded that three conditions should be essential for a crypto-currency:

  •  not supporting criminal activities
  •  no self-enrichment through initiators
  •  no virtual money without a real value deposit

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The vision is arising

Driven to find an alternative way to create a safe, stable and global currency, a vision emerged: the development of a currency with an intrinsic value (similar to the old “gold standard”) combined with an associated payment platform. To facilitate global expansion a unique licensing system with the necessary structure was created by various legal and economical experts.

At the same time, the software and blockchain technology were programmed for the secure handling. After extensive testing, especially in the areas of security and usability, the platform was released on 16 June 2017. The initiators paid special attention to low costs within the system in order to create something sustainable for the users.


V-Coins changes the world

  • V-Coins is an inflation-protected, debt-based and cost-effective addition to the conservative interest-based monetary system.
  • V-Coins is continuously developed and new features are implemented to meet the market requirements.
  • In essence, V-Coins represents a stable, valuable, digital and secure means of payment with enormous future potential.
  • Cooperations with various financial institutions in Africa and the Middle East have been established or are about to be concluded.


The initiators have set the goal to reach as many people as possible with this idea and thus to change the world.

Mag. Ludwig Morasch
int. trend researcher, worldwide company consultant
Jörg Haupt
International Sales Director

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I rely on a modern alternative to FIAT currencies and choose a cryptocurrency with an intrinsic value.

V-Coins, Hybrid-Kryptowährung
Christiane W.
Preston, Royaume-Uni

V-Coins provides free money transfers and even gives me the possibility to increase the value of my money.

V-Coins, Hybrid-Kryptowährung
Winniefred V. Tebbigwayo
Kampala, Uganda

The real value deposit played a huge factor in the decision to choose V-Coins.

V-Coins, Hybrid-Kryptowährung
Toby Plüss
Sheffield, UK

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What form of currency is V-Coins?

V-Coins is a so-called hybrid crypto-currency that combines various aspects of the classical monetary system (simplicity, at any time into any local currency) and the benefits of modern digital currencies (free of charge transactions directly from users to users, independent of banks).

What does the V-Coins value basket consist of?

The value basket invests in real assets such as precious metals, industrial metals, real-estate properties and other tradable investments in the economy, as well as low-volatility currencies such as the EUR, USD, CHF. These values are decentralized and stored by independent institutions. Therefore, the core value of V-Coins is protected to a certain extent. The value basket is audited by acknowledged auditors and is confirmed accordingly.

What distinguishes V-Coins from all the other classical crypto-currencies?

Integrated value basket, containing both real values as well as digital values. This combination creates trust and a certain stability when compared to the most other highly volatile crypto-currencies. Furthermore, V-Coins do not need high mining costs and effort whatsoever. Hence, you can easily purchase them on the trading platform of the Pega Trader. Also, the global expansion of V-Coins is coordinated via an exclusive licensing system and is not left to itself.

Where and how do I register?

Under this registration link or under “V-Coins Wallet” on the V-Coins homepage. There you can follow the instructions. Essential for the registration:

  1.   Password should contain at least eight characters, at least one capital letter and one  number.
  2.   Tel No. + 1 (US/CAN), + 49 (DE) or other appropriate country code. Attention: after the country code, there is no zero.

3.   Affiliate’s email is the email of the person who recommended V-Coins to you.

How and where can I buy V-Coins?

Log in on the trading platform of the Pega Trader, then click on “Purchases” (a list of offers will appear). Sort the list by price and then choose the best offer at the top of the list. The system automatically calculates the number of coins depending on the paid amount. Now, you only must confirm your purchase.

How is the global marketing of V-Coins?

To create a large user community and connect as many acceptance points as possible, V-Coins is marketed globally via an efficient licensing system. In concrete terms, this means that we license partnerships worldwide with entrepreneurs who know the local market conditions, are well connected and are economically able to make a successful V-Coins market in their licensed area.

Why do I need to verify my account and what documents do I need to submit?

You need to verify your account to meet the KYC guidelines (“know your customer”). These standards are necessary for financial institutions and money laundering laws. Thus, we distance ourselves explicitly from such criminal activities. Please send a copy of a utility bill which should not be older than 3 months (electricity, telephone, health insurance, etc.), a selfie with an identity document (passport or ID) including the face, and a copy of the passport/ID, at  compliance@v-coins.global.

How can I deposit money on my wallet?

Simply transfer the desired amount to the account specified in “Pay-In”, use a certain payment provider or deposit with a credit card. In case of a bank transfer, please enter the following in the payment purpose: Your wallet ID.